Scott Hardie | November 28, 2020
I'm curious: If you have kitchen appliances that you don't use frequently, do you keep them out on the counters anyway? I'm thinking of things like say, a toaster that you use maybe a few times per year. Or, do you put these away in cabinets and only bring them out as needed? Or is it a mix of the two on a per-appliance basis, and if so, how do you choose them? I was talking to someone recently and realized that there's quite a bit of variety on this matter, and I'm curious to see more examples.

Steve West | November 28, 2020
The blender we keep on the counter and the slow cooker inside a cabinet despite using the slow cooker waaaay more. I have no idea why.

Samir Mehta | November 29, 2020
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | November 30, 2020
We have a lack of storage space, and a lack of cabinet space, as well (hooray for City living). We manage to cram most appliances (the few that we have) in a couple cabinets. Here lately, I've been trying to cook and prepare my own food more, however, so the food processor and blender have taken up permanent residence on the countertop. We had a toaster oven, but never used it, so we got rid of it several years ago, though we still have a toaster for bread, etc.

The slow cooker has stayed out, but I never use it. I also don't have anywhere to put it. So there it remains.

Scott Hardie | December 2, 2020
Samir, we're the opposite here. I prefer to put away small appliances that we don't use, while Kelly wants them all out, all of the time, and we do it her way. I don't mind some clutter as long as there's room to work, which sometimes there isn't. Our counters have a Keurig machine used weekly, a can opener and toaster used every few months, a mixer used annually, and an air fryer that I don't think we've used yet since being gifted it a few years ago. We received a quesadilla maker years ago and I insist on that thing being outside in the garage; it's been used maybe twice in a decade, both times at parties.

Thanks for the responses. It's just as varied as I expected.

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