Scott Horowitz | October 31, 2004
I was just wondering. I know we've discussed the election to death. I have been discussing with one of my friends, and we seem to think that we will not know who won the election Tuesday night. What does everyone else think?

I don't think stations will be too quick to jump on the bandwagon, until the results are final, so they don't have a fuck up like they did 4 years ago.

Kris Weberg | November 1, 2004
I agree -- both sides have assembled legal teams, and there are already challenges to early in-person voting going on right now.

Thanks to the precedent set by 2000, we're probably in for a decade or so of messy, messy elections until serious election reform becomes necessary.

Scott Horowitz | November 1, 2004
I also want to know what source everyone will be watching election coverage on. I personally will be watching Jon Stewart and the Daily Show that night.

Todd Brotsch | November 1, 2004
For the hour he's on? As opposed to the twenty-four hour cycle of everyone else?

Mike Eberhart | November 1, 2004

Anna Gregoline | November 1, 2004
What's FNC?

Todd Brotsch | November 1, 2004
Fox News Channel

Anna Gregoline | November 1, 2004
Oh, I'd never heard it abbreviated like that.

Todd Brotsch | November 1, 2004
Now you know.

...and knowing is half the battle.

Anna Gregoline | November 1, 2004
Hmm. In this instance, not really. I already know that Fox is biased as hell, and I wouldn't be watching them.

I'll probably watch the Daily Show and then flip to CNN or something. I don't really know as I don't watch regular news these days.

Amy Austin | November 1, 2004
Biased in what way, Anna?

Scott Horowitz | November 1, 2004
Fox tends to be one of the more conservative, if not the most, on television. I find NBC to be more on the liberal side. Haven't really found a moderate one.

Anna Gregoline | November 1, 2004
If you can't see Fox's bias, you're not looking. And I find them an annoying network anyway. Far too sensationalist.

John E Gunter | November 1, 2004
Best to watch multiple networks so that you can get a better view by seeing all sides of the issues, rather than just one. At least that's my view. Going with just one source, you end up risking that source has some kind of bias on the subject as humans tend to do that kind of thing, no matter how objective they try to be.


Amy Austin | November 1, 2004
Well, you're right, Anna -- I don't watch Fox... that's why I asked. But from the couple of times I have, they do seem sensationalist. I'm not much of a "news" watcher, though... and if I were, I tend to agree with John. One thing you find in the Navy, though, is that almost every "background television" you ever come across is tuned into CNN... that's a fact.

Todd Brotsch | November 1, 2004
You've found a new orginization the is completely unbiased Anna?

Anna Gregoline | November 1, 2004
I'm assuming you meant, "You've found a news organization that is completely unbiased?"

No, of course I haven't. But I steer clear of anything as blatantly biased as Fox.

Todd Brotsch | November 1, 2004
yeah...exactally what I ment.......good, cause if you had I hope you wouldn't be keeping it under wraps.

If you're looking for something 'new' I'd suggest checking out the BBC. I can't say they're totally unbiased, but it's deffenitly a different flavour.

Anna Gregoline | November 1, 2004
I'm not sure if we get BBC, but if we do, I'll probably watch election coverage from there. Anything out of the country has got to be slightly more objective than news from inside.

Todd Brotsch | November 1, 2004
You'll probably be able to find it on your PBS channel someplace, check your local listings for time and channel ;)

Amy Austin | November 1, 2004
Well, now that's an interesting idea... third party/ousider coverage.

Amy Austin | November 1, 2004
Drat not being able to edit... ;>

Scott Hardie | November 1, 2004
I'm just going to keep reading headlines on the Internet, sticking to AP and Reuters as much as possible, the same as just about every day.

Kris Weberg | November 2, 2004
BBC is often the best coverage around -- they don't care nearly as much as we do about party divisions, sothe traditional notions of bias don't apply.

Bear in mind, however, that the left in America is, yes, really, somewhat to the right by the standards of many other countries. What the BBC considers "centrist" will almost certainly look "liberal" here.

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