David Mitzman | March 11, 2005
I just saw the Episode III trailer on tv, and hot damn, my pants required changing. In fact, my next 3 pairs of pants required changing. I can't wait till May, I want movie now!

Anna Gregoline | March 11, 2005
So did I.

The reason this is shocking? Because I HATE HATE HATED the past two movies. I'm one of those annoyed Star Wars fans about the new movies.


Maybe in part because it relates to the others more, but mostly cause holy shit. It looks good. Crisp. Stylistically different. NOT too flashy, too animatedly

oh geez i'm not making sense. pardon the substances.

- A

Anna Gregoline | March 11, 2005
do u know where to find it online?

David Mitzman | March 11, 2005
nope, but i'm sure it'll be on apple's quicktime site before sunday.

John E Gunter | March 11, 2005
They might put it up at this site...(link)

Notice I say might. I'm with Mitz though, Apple should have it before to long. I haven't seen the trailer yet, and I hope it will be better than 2. I wasn't to disappointed with 1, worst thing about it was Jar-Jar. But I couldn't stand 2 because of the performance of a certain young dark jedi. He came across as more of a baby than an angry young man.

But I still hope for a much better movie with this one! At least the teaser I saw looked very promising!


David Mitzman | March 11, 2005
Well I think the idea is that he comes across as a whiney son-of-a-bitch that wants his way. It's not until towards the end where he becomes angry (after slaying the Tuscan Raiders and rescuing his mother). As annoying as Jar Jar is in the first movie, he plays an integral role that none of us could have expected in Clones because he is the one that called to give Chancellor Palpetine emergency powers to do whatever he wanted.

Anna Gregoline | March 11, 2005
I hate that actor, the one from Carnivale and Terminator II? Nick Stahl is it? He just always feels whiny to me.

Lori Lancaster | March 11, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Horowitz | March 11, 2005
No, it's a different trailer. I am pretty sure it is available on (link) right now Lori

Anna Gregoline | March 11, 2005
Do you have to pay to see it?!!?

Scott Horowitz | March 11, 2005
I changed the link, take a look

Anna Gregoline | March 11, 2005
OOoo awesome! Thanks, Scott!

Lori Lancaster | March 11, 2005
[hidden by request]

Kris Weberg | March 11, 2005
Is it possible to be spoiled for Ep. III? We have, after all, a rough idea what Anakin's fate will be, and we know at least four characters will live through the film to appear in Episoides IV, V, and VI.

Anna Gregoline | March 11, 2005
Lori, I can't imagine as such a huge Star Wars fan that you could be "spoiled" by anything - don't you know to the second what occurs in the third episode?

Lori Lancaster | March 11, 2005
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | March 11, 2005
I can understand that - the trailer looks amazing though, enough to make me back into the idea of the prequels. I didn't like the first two, but I want to see this one!

Scott Horowitz | March 11, 2005
I liked the first two, and I didn't like them at the same time. Script wise they sucked. Terrible dialogue. The effects were awesome though. Especially the Yoda fight in the last movie. However, I thought the stories were great. Lucas should write the story, and then let someone else do the screenplay. He can't write dialogue for shit.

David Mitzman | March 12, 2005
Nick Stahl isn't in any of the Star Wars movies. I don't know where ya got him from. This is Hayden Christiansen.

Anna Gregoline | March 12, 2005
Ah, we thought it was him from the trailer.

I registered at that site, but the link for the preview is broken. =(

Jackie Mason | March 12, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | March 13, 2005
Same here, Jackie. I have enjoyed all of the "Star Wars" films as films, but I never got into the whole fictional setting of the Star Wars series like I could with Star Trek. I still maintain that the driving force behind the runaway success of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (and the reason why the later series failed to match it) is that the Enterprise D seemed like a really fun place to live; the sense of place on that show was phenomenal, and so viewers kept wanting to return to it. Trek since then has shown us nothing but depressing places to live, and for its part, Star Wars doesn't dwell in any one location for long.

Jackie Mason | March 13, 2005
[hidden by request]

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