Scott Hardie | December 1, 2018
LaVonne, congratulations on another victory! You played a great season, solving nearly every goo. Between this and the hall of fame, this seems to be your year. :-D

Erik, Chris, Russ, you all earned nearly as many points as LaVonne, so well done! It was a tough season.

I for one am glad the cats and pagoda are back. It feels like a big improvement over the badges. What do you think?

Someone pointed out that Chairo doesn't seem to have come up even once this season. Checking the data now, I don't see any record of it happening. I'll look into it and mention in the news page if I change any code. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, player.

The winter 2019 season begins tomorrow with a two-week theme right off the bat. Enjoy!

Erik Bates | December 1, 2018

I was gunning for you at the end. I just needed a cat at the 11th hour to pull ahead, but alas, the odds were not in my favor.

I was hoping for luck, while you were winning with skill.

Well played! Congrats on another win!

Chris Lemler | December 1, 2018
Congrats to your second victory! A hard fought battle to stay at the top all the way through the season.

Russ Wilhelm | December 1, 2018
Congrats Lavonne! A well played season.

LaVonne Lemler | December 1, 2018
Thanks, guys, for the nice comments! I'm thrilled to have a second victory! It was a tight race to the end and, frankly, Erik, I thought the win was yours, particularly since I was current on answers and you still had six to play. My strategy (if you want to call it that!) was merely to play every day that I logged onto the site, and not worry about the scores of others, cats awarded, etc. I never liked being in the top spot because cats didn't seem to find you as much....kept waiting for others to pass me, but it seemed a "wait game" was the method of play for most everyone. Just lucky, I guess! That's why I love the Pagoda and Cats....anyone can win! Need that --- cause you guys are all tough, outstanding players!

You're right, Scott! It was an awesome year --- doesn't get much better than 2018! Can't wait for Winter season to start --- good luck to everyone!

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