Scott Hardie | September 26, 2020
Fyi players, I'm bending a rule in Celebrity Goo Game next week. A long theme is about to start on October 1. Goos created by Erik and Steve can fit into the schedule before then, but a goo created by Chris would be cut off by one day. Rather than make Chris wait until the end of the theme for his next goo, effectively forcing him to have one fewer goo published this season than Erik and Steve, I have scheduled his next goo that would normally run on October 1 to happen on September 30 instead, a day early. He gains no advantage over other players by this; I'm merely not disadvantaging him because I want to start my theme on that particular day. I will probably not make such adjustments in the future, so please don't consider this a precedent; this theme just happens to be such a long one that I don't want Chris to have to wait.

I'll have more to say about the theme when it starts. I hope you have fun playing it. :-)

Scott Hardie | October 1, 2020
So, about the theme that I mentioned: It started as a sequel to the Avengers theme from a few years ago. Both of them have the same basic concept.

But while the Avengers have had a pretty small core team (not counting a revolving cast of part-timers that includes almost every minor weirdo in the Marvel Universe, seriously), the X-Men have kept growing and growing in number over the years. There are just so many of them! I realized that I could easily do two weeks of X-Men goos, then three weeks, then an entire month. I actually cut myself off at that point because it could have kept going for weeks longer.

A month is a lot for one theme, but I'm confident in this one because the goos are all solid. Every one of them is worthy of inclusion in the game on its own merits, not just because of the X-Men connection. And you don't need to know anything about the X-Men to solve these; that's just a point of inspiration. I think this set of goos turned out really well, and I hope that you enjoying playing it.

Scott Hardie | November 28, 2020
Congratulations, Chris! This is your tenth victory and second this year. You have now tied Matthew and Russ for the most wins ever. Truly amazing! :-D

This was a close season. Chris had the top score of ~13k, but most players had over 11k points, so a lot of people were within reach of victory, especially if another lucky cat or two had broken in their favor.

In the midst of a crappy year all around, I hope that this silly little web game provided everyone some amusement. It did for me. Here's looking forward to next season.

LaVonne Lemler | November 28, 2020
Chris, congrats on victory #10! That's quite an achievement --- keep it up!
Good luck to all in another fun round ahead! Scott, we love this silly little game --- don't ever stop! :-D

Steve West | November 29, 2020
Rocketing to the top. Congrats.

Russ Wilhelm | November 29, 2020
Good going Chris, keep up the good work.

Chris Lemler | November 29, 2020
Ty all. Its always tough to keep up with competitors like all of you. Good Luck next round.

Erik Bates | November 30, 2020
Goo scores are looking like the Dow Jones average these days... they just keep climbing!

Scott Hardie | December 4, 2020
Also amazing: Both Chris and Russ played perfect seasons, further extending their dominance in that field. Way to go, guys!

Erik Bates | December 4, 2020
Stupid, sexy Colin Farrell.

Chris Lemler | December 4, 2020
You can't blame the stupid sexy he's not here to defend

Samir Mehta | December 4, 2020
[hidden by request]

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