Anna Gregoline | April 14, 2005
If you could buy five very expensive things, what would they be?

John E Gunter | April 14, 2005
Not in any particular order...

Nuclear missile silo, sans missles of course!
Carribean Island
Space Shuttle
Enough fuel and maintenance for my shuttle to last my natural life time
Cruise ship

That's all I can think of. Course, that might be more expensive then you want, but they are very expensive. ;-)


Kris Weberg | April 14, 2005
A furnished penthouse apartment in Chicago's Loop.
The contents of the Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago and the Davis Library at UNC including film collections.
Lifetime passage on cruise ship of my choice.
Spacious winter home in Berkeley, CA.
A complete run of all DC and Marvel comics from 1938-1989.

John E Gunter | April 14, 2005
Hey Kris, I get my cruise ship, I'll give you lifetime passage. ;-)


Amy Austin | April 14, 2005
I'm having a hard time resisting a "join the Navy and get it for free!" joke here... even though I know it won't actually be that funny.

John E Gunter | April 14, 2005
Be one heck of a cruise though!


Lori Lancaster | April 14, 2005
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | April 14, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | April 15, 2005
1) My own media empire. This website just doesn't cut it! Assuming that sales/ratings don't matter because I'm paying the bills: I'd own a television network and adopt all the good shows that other networks cancel prematurely, I'd own a news division that delivered real news of actual importance & interest without bias, and I'd own a movie studio that made movies without financial compromises.

2) Cures for cancer, AIDS, and diabetes. That is, I'd continue pumping money into research until dependable cures were discovered.

3) A new body, not via surgery, but through a personal trainer and dietician exclusively serving me.

4) I could go on and on about the mansion/castle of my dreams, and the ways it would be geared towards certain social gatherings and personal entertainments, but you get the idea.

5) An annual GOO convention. Every summer, I'd fly all you folks to Hawaii or Florida (or my castle!) for a weekend summit, all expenses paid. 'Nuff said.

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