Jackie Mason | August 5, 2004
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Anna Gregoline | August 5, 2004
I'm sure all the political discussions will die down after the election. I'm sick to death of politics too, actually, despite my posts to the contrary. I am very glad the Dem. Nat. Convention is over, and now we just have to get through the Republican one and we're in the home stretch.

Melissa Erin | August 5, 2004
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Anna Gregoline | August 6, 2004
What was the issue you were arguing over?

Jackie Mason | August 6, 2004
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Scott Hardie | October 17, 2004
Ok, what?!

Kris Weberg | October 17, 2004
Gotta love that (Freudian?) slip: "We will not have an all-volunteer army. We will not -- We will have an all-volunteer army. We will not have a draft."

Right now, National Guard units are being called to active duty, the military has instituted stop-loss policies, telling undeployed troops to re-up or be sent to Iraq for their last year or six months...which, givent he constant deferral of troop rotations there, means extending your service anyway, and in a combat zone.

They're even been using provisions that allow them to call up older, effectively retired military personnel who are technically available. That status hasn't been called up in years. I've heard it bruited about that 14 of 15 active Army divisions are in Iraq of Afghanistan.

If something else does happen, God/Buddha/whoever forbid, where eklse would we get people to handle it?

Anthony Lewis | October 17, 2004
The Draft IS coming. They are already prepping for it.

My friend did an interview with Wayne Madsen, who is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and columnist. You can Google his name and check his creds. But when he was asked:

Q. Do you think the draft is coming?

A. On Wilson Boulevard in the Rosslyn area of Arlington
Virginia sits the Selective Service System headquarters. It
has recently added 300 to its staff and installed new
computer systems and networks. Draft boards in places like
Chicago and Los Angeles are also modernizing their operations
and increasing staff. Bush will have to bring back the draft
so our troops can fight new wars in Iran, Syria, Venezuela,
Colombia and elsewhere. Its part of the neo-con global
domination plan for Bush II. Interestingly, just across the
street from the Selective Service HQ is the Washington office
of Kellogg, Brown and Root, the subsidiary of Halliburton
that shares the office with the lobbying company of Colin
Powell's deputy, Richard Armitage. That's no coincidence

Mike Eberhart | October 18, 2004
Whatever!!! Keep on dreaming up those conspiracies....

Mike Eberhart | October 18, 2004
Thanks to Anna for finding this site orginally, check out www.factcheck.org or cut and past this url.


That's all you need to know. End of story.

Jackie Mason | October 18, 2004
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Kris Weberg | October 19, 2004
It is a fact that tghe military has been failing its own recruitment goals for the last three years. It is a fact that numerous experts, many of them active or retired officers of high rank, believe that at present our military is badly overextended. It is a fact that, given the broad definition and mission goals of the "War on Terror," a new front could open up at any time. It is a fact that the military is using unusually aggressive stop-loss policies at the present.

A draft is simply too unpopular to ever pass Congress, I agree, but I'm not sure what we would do if it became necessary to rapidly deploy military force in any medium-to-large scale operation at present. Fast-tracking training of Iraqi forces is a solution, yes, but the problems we've already had thanks to a poorly-considered policy towards the extant army Iraq had, coupled with widespread reports of corruption int he ranks, does not make me optimistic.

How do we solve the personnel problem?

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