Matthew Preston | May 25, 2021
Scott, It wouldn't be another birthday if I didn't remind you yet again that you share it with the release of Star Wars. Albeit a year later, but it's still a good omen in my book.

Sincerely hoping that you have/had an enjoyable day. I know your 2021 has been rough so far, so here's to finding some solace and peace in an otherwise bleak time. Take care my friend!

Scott Hardie | May 25, 2021
Thank you! I always forget about the Star Wars connection until I see it online each year. Considering that we have a mutual friend who actually was born on the same day that Star Wars came out and we've talked about that many times, you'd think I'd remember. Anyway, thanks; it's been a good day, the second in a row, and here's hoping for more to come.

Erik Bates | May 25, 2021
Happy birthday, my friend.

Scott Hardie | May 26, 2021
Thanks. :-)

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