John E Gunter | September 15, 2005
I don't remember seeing this, was this series ever discussed on Tragic over the last year?

Anyone watch it?

Did you like it?

Favorite character?

Character you hate the most?

Reason I ask is, I knew about it last year, but never really paid it any attention. That is, until I rented the first volume of the DVD set they released recently. Within the first few minutes of the first episode I knew I was hooked.

I find the series to be riveting. I especially like how they concentrate on a specific character during each episode. Well, except for the series premier and from what I understand, the season closer. They do this through flashbacks to what led the person to their current situation.

That keeps the show from being some boring thing where they only concentrate on the island.

So, I'm half way through volume 5 and will be trying to get a hold of volume 6 for the weekend. After all, session 2 starts next Wednesday and I need to get caught up!


Scott Horowitz | September 15, 2005
I find it very good. My favorite character is Hurley (though i still think Locke had the best back story). My biggest complaint is the flashbacks are going to get old soon, and they need to start focusing more on stuff that happens on the island.

Amy Austin | September 15, 2005
My grandmother is riveted by this show, too -- I have only seen part of one episode while at her house, and it does look to be quite enticing! Of course, I had all these questions for her, and she was like "Shhh!" Heheh... I wouldn't want to try watching it without going John's route and renting all the past episodes first. Gotta' love those evening soaps!

This discussion seems to kind of fall into the one about renting TV shows on DVD... Another one that I have seen a few episodes of in its first season (but have somehow missed since my move), and the TV promos just keep looking more and more fascinating, is "Nip/Tuck" -- I was really enjoying that one, and now I feel like I've fallen way behind on it and need to catch up on DVD!

And speaking of F/X shows, I also really enjoy "Rescue Me" (Denis Leary is great!) -- of which I only seem to have caught most of the last season (and boy, what a finale!), so am not quite as lost but would still like to see the openers.

David Mitzman | September 16, 2005
I think Lost and Rescue Me are the two best shows to hit TV in the last few years.

On Lost, my favorite character is Locke, but Sawyer definitely has the best back story. It really makes you feel for him and you can understand why he acts the way he does throughout the season. The whole hatch thing is definitely eerie too. I read a spoiler today on it and if what they say is true, it's definitely going to be all sorts of freaky. However, they have been known to put out phony spoilers before so we shall see.

As for Rescue Me, I damn near shed a tear on last week's and this week's episode. Then I remembered I'm a guy, not Scott Horowitz, so I didn't.

Michael Paul Cote | September 16, 2005
Nip/Tuck is my guilty pleasure. Glad to see that they didn't just let it die with the cliffhanger of last season. Some other shows that have caught my attention:
The Closer and Wanted both on TNT, Medium (based on a real person) and Gray's Anatomy. I have not watched Lost because I missed the beginning and didn't want to come in halfway through. Also, has anyone seen Weeds on Showtime? Very funny.

Scott Horowitz | September 16, 2005
My 2 fave shows right now are Veronica Mars and the new Battlestar Galactica.`

Jackie Mason | September 16, 2005
[hidden by request]

David Mitzman | September 22, 2005
What an episode. Read a spoiler so I knew what was going to happen but I was still pleased with the whole episode in general.

Jackie Mason | September 23, 2005
[hidden by request]

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