Scott Hardie | January 8, 2004
In the news today is Madonna's letter in support of Wesley Clark for president, getting more attention for its cautiously-worded bashing of President Bush than its endorsement of Clark. She posted these comments on her own web site instead of addressing them to the press or general public, so I'm not going to say that she spoke out in an inappropriate forum. But I do wonder if she finds any irony in the fact that she is now a British resident and made a big stink about moving out of this country a few years ago.

Obviously Madonna is setting herself up to take a lot of flak for her comments, as other celebrities have been trashed (including here on TC) for speaking out against Bush or the invasion of Iraq. I was glad to look back on that phenomenon today and see that the trashings amounted to "we don't want you dumb celebrities to speak out against Bush" and not "we don't want you dumb celebrities to speak out, period." After all, no one made so much as a squeak over the rash of celebrities that visited U.S. servicepeople last month to show support for the troops (example). I guess nobody minds hearing from dumb celebrities under those circumstances, huh?

Scott Hardie | January 8, 2004
(And I'm not talking about USO performers like Robin Williams.)

Anna Gregoline | January 9, 2004
I read the title, "Ben Affleck reveals a real fascination with the Middle East," and immediately replaced it with (don't ask me why) "Ben Affleck reveals a real fascination with a Potato." I don't like Ben Affleck, and my title (while making me chuckle) also portrays about as much interest to me as the first one. It's high time we stopped paying attention to ANYTHING that celebrities do. It's rarely of any value.

Jackie Mason | January 9, 2004
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | January 9, 2004
Jackie just paraphrased Eminem!!!!

Mike Eberhart | January 10, 2004
You know, at this point, I don't give a flying F*** what any celebrity thinks about Bush, and his adminstration. I'm sick of hearing about them, and sick of seeing articles about shit that they talk about. They all live in a fantasy land to begin with, and they wouldn't know real life it hit them in the face and spit on them.

As far as Madonna goes, she is just a Joke... She chooses to not live in this country anymore, so as I see it, she doesn't support her country. Her and Jeanine Garafalo need to move to a deserted island and just disappear. Then everything would be better. Maybe not, but it's a start.

P.S. I'm a little fiesty tonight if you couldn't tell. Long, Bad day at work...:)

Anna Gregoline | January 10, 2004
Wait, you can't live in another country and still support the country you came from at the same time? People live in other countries for all sorts of reasons.

Kris Weberg | January 11, 2004
Yeah, i hate it when celebrities get into politics myself. Look at California.

Anthony Lewis | January 15, 2004
Strip away the money, fame and perks from a celebrity... you'll find someone just like you and me. They go to the bathroom the same way I do. Only difference is that they might have a bidet, while I use baby wipes. TMI, I know. So I'm not really bothered by any wacko opinions they may have. I don't really let it affect the way I think. Hell, I'm a wacko too.

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