Scott Hardie | August 27, 2018
What are your thoughts on the passing of John McCain?

Steve West | August 27, 2018
His legacy may erroneously be limited to the national introduction of Sarah Palin whereas he should be remembered as a giant in the Senate whose uncompromising stances were indicators of his character. His time lost as a POW absolutely make him a war hero despite the President's obtuse opinion.

Samir Mehta | August 28, 2018
[hidden by author request]

Erik Bates | August 28, 2018
I'll always remember him in much the same way he remarked on his views on Obama:

"He’s a decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues."

Scott Hardie | September 2, 2018
Agreed about the recency bias. I'm annoyed at how much of the encomiums for McCain praise him for standing up to Trump, as though his lifetime of service to the nation before that was not the very thing that put him in a position to stand up to Trump and is more worthy of mention. (I'm also annoyed about the half-staff flag controversy because Trump makes everything about him, even someone else's death, and we enable him to do so.)

McCain was an imperfect man who made significant blunders both tactical (Palin) and philosophical (supporting the invasion of Iraq long after it was clearly a mistake). But he was the rare member of Congress to have any real principles, and he fought tirelessly for the things that he believed in, especially the American way of life and the importance of preserving it. He will be missed.

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