Jackie Mason | November 2, 2002
[hidden by request]

Matthew Preston | November 2, 2002
I like the word ominous. And you got to use it twice appropriately. Liz Smith probably had a good reason voting that way, but still damn hilarious....
By the way, after sitting in a car for over 5 hours waiting to park in a crappy-corn-field to see Metallica.... I am all in favor of public urination.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2002
I love it when they run opposing campaign ads back-to-back.

(black and white photo of McBride) "Bill McBride's new education plans could cost the state of Florida 28 billion dollars. The Sarasota-Manatee Daily Herald Journal says, 'Bill McBride's plan is expensive.' Bill McBride: Higher Taxes."

(black and white photo of Bush) "Jeb Bush has been saying that Bill McBride's new education plans will cost the state of Florida 28 billion dollars, but that's not true. The Miami-Dade Tribune Bugle Sentinel says, 'Jeb Bush's negative ads are full of lies.' Jeb Bush: Full of Lies."

Most of the ads that I see, maybe 70% of all the campaign ads, are for these two women, Karen Thurman and Ginny Brown-Waite. The ads are identical (same format as above), and I find it funny because the women look almost identical. They could be twins, except one wears these little glasses. Their ads are completely full of venom towards one another, like they're waging total war, but as candidates they're really pretty much the same, and their accusations against one another are also identical. I have no idea what office they're running for, too, which shows how well they're getting through.

Erik Bates | December 30, 2003
[hidden by request]

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