Jon Berry | July 23, 2011
Sorry, but this won't really be a funny post.

What the hell happened yesterday?! A shooter at a youth summercamp, killing at least 91, explosions at government buildings, what in the hell happened?

One man, a Norwegian himself, did both of them, it seems.

Sometimes it makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with the world.

Steve West | July 23, 2011
It lends an obvious surface comparison to Oklahoma City. I can't wrap my mind around people so filled with a hatred of humanity that drives them to such acts.

Scott Hardie | July 23, 2011
So far, none of the early answers make any sense: Breivik was warning Norway about violent war with Islam? He was a Christian fundamentalist? He was protesting too-lax Norwegian national policy? I don't see what any of that has to do with murdering 84 children and 7 adults, but I guess I can't imagine what would.

The only thing I've read in all of this that makes even a hint of sense, and it's a huge stretch, is that Norway has some of the lightest security in Europe, allowing cars to drive right up next to government buildings for instance. I read that detail back when this was assumed to be an Islamic terrorist attack on the prime minister, but it might possibly make sense if Breivik trying to force the country to step up its defenses against Islamic terrorism. If that's the case (and honestly I doubt it), 91 innocent people is an unfathomable sacrifice to make for a political point. He did the jihadists' work for them.

Jon Berry | July 23, 2011
Somehow, I see this more as political than relating to Islam, because of the targets and the nature of who the guy was.

Like Steve said, the Oklahoma City comparison seems to fit, but Jesus...

84 children. I don't know if I want to figure out what makes someone do something like that.

Tony Peters | July 23, 2011
yeah it doesn't make a lot of sense

Steve West | July 24, 2011
An excerpt from The Bloggess:

Yesterday 66 people visited this blog. They stayed a few minutes, and hopefully laughed. Some commented. Many are regular visitors. They are a part of the community here. And all 66 are from Oslo, Norway.

There's something about the internet that makes the world a little bit smaller…that makes us all huddle together for warmth, or laughter, or simply to reassure ourselves that we are not alone. I know some people sneer at the idea of the internet being a “community”, but to me it is. It's my neighborhood. It is my tribe. And the people in Oslo tonight? They are us.

I promise to go back to being funny tomorrow, because I know you probably use this place as an escape as much as I do, but tonight I just want to say that we're thinking of you, Oslo. And also of everyone else who comes here tonight feeling alone or afraid.

You aren't alone. We're with you.

PS. Comments are open, but let's not focus on the terrorist. Hate gets enough attention. This post is for hope.

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