Scott Hardie | May 5, 2003
Let's have some fun. I stole the following political photos from Reuters and Associated Press today. Provide your own captions, and number them the same as the photographs so that we can keep track. You don't have to write a caption for every one of them, just the ones you want. Enjoy!
Photo #1: Dennis Kucinich, Dick Gephardt, Al Sharpton, Carol Moseley Braun, Howard Dean

Photo #2: Colin Powell

Photo #3: John Kerry

Photo #4: John Howard (Australian prime minister), George W. Bush, Barney

Photo #5: Bob Graham, John Kerry, Howard Dean

Photo #6: George W. Bush

Photo #7: Colin Powell, Ana Palacio (Spanish foreign minister)

Photo #8: Geoff Hoon (British secretary of defense), Donald Rumsfeld

Photo #9: George W. Bush

Photo #10: John Edwards

Photo #11: George W. Bush

Photo #12: Colin Powell

Photo #13: Zulu (Zambian princess), George W. Bush

Erik Bates | May 5, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | May 6, 2003
Here are a few...

#1: "And now it's time to see which candidate was voted off of American Idle this week. Carol, the envelope please?"

#2: Colin tells us how many more times he can tolerate the President insisting that Saddam has "nucular" missiles.

#4: "Your dog has inspired me! I'm going to write a play about your election fiasco in 2000. I'll call it, The Dingo's Got My Ballot!"

#5: "Primary voters, I'd like to remind you that I am the only Democratic candidate without an abnormally-shaped head."

#11: "Jenna? Barbara? Daddy found you some dates to the formal!"

And my question for you authors: Would you be interested in this becoming a regular feature, one photo per week? I'd love to make it permanent.

Anna Gregoline | May 6, 2003
Photo #1: "Yo, dis bitch riding with me, you dig?"
Photo #2: Colin Powell politely reminds the press crew he does not have time for "jibba-jabba."
Photo #3: "I will lay my hands upon thee, and thou shall be healed!"
Photo #4: "So the dog's really been running the show this ENTIRE TIME?"
Photo #5: Howard Dean stuns the crowd with a bawdy joke.
Photo #6: "Holy shit, I can totally see my bones! This PCP is fucking me up!"
Photo #9: This photo is too gay, I can't even come up with a good comment. It's just. Too. Gay.

Anna Gregoline | May 6, 2003
One photo per week will be more doable, and fun. Yes, let's.

Jeff Flom | May 8, 2003
#2 STOP... in the name of love.
#3 I'll teach you to vote for Dick Gephardt.
#6 Can't top Anna (tip o' the hat).
#8 The fish was that big, right Geoff?.
#11 Goes to Scott, Kudos.

Jackie Mason | May 8, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | May 8, 2003
#3: "Hold still, Sir! He thinks you're a Republican. One false move and he'll strike! You need to very slowly take out your voter registration card..."

#6: President Bush can't believe how few WMD sites we've found in Iraq so far.

#9: Bush thinks: Mental note, send a letter to Clinton that "don't ask don't tell" isn't working.

#12: "All right, who printed this 'Hussein Defeats Bush!' gag newspaper?"

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