Scott Horowitz | June 16, 2005
I know most of you on here hate the Yankees, but this is an interesting thing that Mitz and I were talking about. There are concrete plans to start building a new Yankee Stadium (to be opened by the 2009 stadium). While I think it would be great to see a new place for a change, there has been so much history at the current stadium that it pains me to see it coming down. I mean, the stadium is a monument to sports. Anyone have an opinion?

Amy Austin | June 16, 2005
Yes... along the same lines of naming stadiums for ridiculous communications and insurance companies -- I *hate* it when a perfectly good and usable structure is torn down just to erect a new money machine... because that's all it is, a money-maker -- it's probably not like the old stadium has "real" issues.

Reminds me of when they tore down the old King Dome in Seattle. There were so many broken-hearted folks with memories of their first events with Dad, etc... I'm not even remotely from the area, and it made *me* want to cry. There were people there collecting old stadium seats when removed and bits of the concrete on the day it was demolished... I found it *very* heart-breaking on their behalves. I'm certain that many a tear was shed. People lined up all over Seattle to see the implosion -- I'm surprised they didn't sell tickets for that! Supposedly, the King Dome *did* have issues... but I'm betting nothing that couldn't be fixed. It may have been more expensive than starting from scratch, but it's also not like the people responsible won't be jacking up prices on everything from tickets to beer and hot dogs to pay for their brand new shiny sparkly stadiums, now is it??? I think that's what sickens me the most about it... people with deep pockets using those pockets (or even WORSE -- the pockets of the fucking fans & taxpayers!!!) to line them with goddamn silk! Disgusting.

John E Gunter | June 16, 2005
Amy wrote

I think that's what sickens me the most about it... people with deep pockets using those pockets (or even WORSE -- the pockets of the fucking fans & taxpayers!!!) to line them with goddamn silk! Disgusting.

That's why I started watching only college sports a long time ago. Course, the same trend of spending money for the best team is getting to be the same in college sports.

Guess it's time to watch Little League games, at least till the trend starts there as well. :-D


Jackie Mason | June 16, 2005
[hidden by request]

David Mitzman | June 17, 2005
I wouldn't be too happy if Yankee Stadium came crumbling down (lord knows it's done a little bit of that over the years on its own), but if it must, it must. I'd love to see the new stadium called Yankee and not some corperate thing (chances are, since Steinbrenner is going tp pay for it, it would still say Yankee). When they allow fans to be there to loot the stadium for stuff (seats and whatnot), I will definitely be there as I'm sure Scott Ho will be too.

Anna Gregoline | June 17, 2005
Is that the usual way of doing it? Letting fans loot the stadium? I figured they'd sell the seats at auction or something - you'd think they'd get good money for that stuff.

Mike Eberhart | June 17, 2005
They will sell the seats. Steinbrenner won't just let people walk out with them. They'll probably do the exact same thing that the Cardinals did here. They sold the seats to the old Busch stadium for $475 for a pair. After the end of the season, you can go and pick them up. The Yankee's would never give anything away.

David Mitzman | June 17, 2005
Ya never know. They let fans loose where the Browns used to play when that stadium went down. I would def throw the $475 if it was that much for two seats.

Scott Horowitz | June 17, 2005
It'd be cool to have seats. I definitely plan on going to the new stadium. I like how they've based it off of old Yankee Stadium, I think it is going to be really nice.

Michael Paul Cote | June 17, 2005
I think that this area is one that both Yankee fans and Red Sox fans can agree on. Both parks have way too much history to demolish. I was very happy when they decided to build on to Fenway rather than rebuild it. If the stadiums are going to be rebuild, I don't think that they should keep the name. After all, it wouldn't be Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park any more.

David Mitzman | June 17, 2005
I can see it now: Coming for the 2009 season, Steinbrenner Stadium! Vendors get hired and fired on a regular basis! Bleacher seats only $250

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