Chris Lemler | September 16, 2021
This week i'm on vacation from work and boy did I need it badly. This weekend I have a disc golf tourney at the St.Louis courses. for anyone that doesn't know what STLO means it stands for (St.Louis Open) First course I will be playing is Endicott, Unger, Endicott. These courses are very well put together and hope i can go out and play well. Today is where i go to signup and then back home for rest and then play the next three days. My family is there to support me and my sister and my little nephew are gonna be there to support me. My brother is gonna be my caddy which is gonna make it a fun day as well. Lets see what magic i can make happen out there.

Erik Bates | September 16, 2021
I guess I won't be fishing at Unger this weekend! HAHA!

Good luck, Chris! Enjoy the time off from work doing what you love.

Steve West | September 16, 2021
Good luck and good throws!

Chris Lemler | September 19, 2021
Well the tournament is over and I did okay the first round but, the second and third round I shot really good. So I was pleased about the second and third round and glad I did so well.

LaVonne Lemler | September 19, 2021
Fun time all around, Chris! Awesome putting your second and third rounds! We need to make a trip to Willmore with your sister and Finn. He may be a future PDGA star! :-)

Scott Hardie | September 22, 2021
Glad to hear that you did well at the tournament, Chris -- and even more so that you got a much-needed vacation from work. I hope it was a great week. :-)

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