Scott Hardie | March 12, 2018
Florida is interested in making daylight savings time permanent. Would you like it if your state did so?

Samir Mehta | March 12, 2018
[hidden by author request]

Chris Lemler | March 12, 2018
I agree

Denise Sawicki | March 12, 2018
I wish it would be standard time all year so I don't have to get up for work when it's still dark out. Probably a bigger problem here in North Dakota :)

Matthew Preston | March 12, 2018
Only compelling argument against it I've heard is there will be a period of time where school kids are waiting at bus stops (or walking to school) in the dark. That being said, I think school start times should be later anyways, so maybe this helps push that.

To answer Scott directly, I'd support any passage removing the need to change the clock.

Steve West | March 12, 2018
A completely inane concept that has long passed its supposed benefits.

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