Scott Hardie | September 6, 2019
Happy rockiversary! Rock Block re-started five years ago today. It's been great fun; I'm so glad that the game came back and that so many other people are enjoying it too.

To celebrate today's occasion, I'm pleased to announce a big fall tournament based on Starship's "We Built This City." If you're like me, you'll hear that song in your head every time you see those four words, so enjoy the earworm!

The format is all about collecting by winning, similar to this summer's Woodstock tournament. This time, you're the mayor of your own fledgling rockopolis, and you need to add famous businesses and landmarks from rock & roll history to fill out your town, like Hotel California, Rock 'n' Roll High School, Blueberry Hill, and more. Many more, in fact: There are one hundred locations to collect, triple the number in Woodstock.

Why so many, when Woodstock's endgame dragged on for weeks? Because the distribution works differently this time. Every tournament concert will offer up a location that either the challenger or the defender needs in order to grow their city. That doesn't mean that if you win, you'll definitely get a location that you need, since it might be your opponent who needed it. But there won't be totally wasted concerts either, where neither player needs the location. (It is possible that you'll get two simultaneous concerts with the same reward and win one of them, rendering the other unnecessary,) The further behind you fall in your collecting compared to your opponent, the more likely the concert will be to benefit you instead of them, since the random selection is naturally more likely to choose a place from your larger set of needed locations than their smaller set.

The prize is bigger this time, to reflect the scale of the challenge: Besides the gift card, the winner will get 100 ranks of new artists, which could go a long way towards filling in your collection. The winner will also get one of my favorite games, a fun little Japanese city-building competition, which partially inspired the tournament. (Starship gets the rest of the credit for inspiration. That song may be reviled but damn it's catchy.)

As with Woodstock, every hour, the site will spawn another random tournament concert, if there's a pair of players not already playing each other. Thus, it will take overnight to spawn all of the first wave of concerts.

I can't wait to see how this tournament plays out in the coming weeks. Let's rock!

Matthew Preston | September 6, 2019
Woo-Hoo! Looking forward to it!

Chris Lemler | September 6, 2019
I hear this song at my job every once in awhile. Looking forward to it

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