Scott Hardie | April 10, 2022
Today I learned that Richard Nixon's breakfast every morning in the White House was cottage cheese with ketchup. (There are conflicting accounts as to when and how often he ate it and even whether it's true at all, but let's go with it.)

I've written about my family's weird things to eat with cottage cheese, and my own.

What about you? Do you combine anything unusual with cottage cheese, or know of someone who does?

Steve West | April 10, 2022
I prefer a nice, disposable diaper.

Scott Hardie | April 10, 2022
So might have Nixon, for all we know.

Erik Bates | April 11, 2022
I enjoy pineapple with my cottage cheese.

Samir Mehta | April 12, 2022
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | April 12, 2022
Pear remains my go-to, as a mellower option. But I have fond memories of getting a pineapple ring on top of cottage cheese at Steak 'N Shake during my college years in central Illinois, a side dish long since removed from their menu.

Speaking of weird presidential eating habits, one of the few things that I will defend about Donald Trump are his weird food preferences, like his fondness for fast food and well-done steak. First of all, if that's what you choose to mock about him, you're overlooking a mountain of far more serious misdeeds. But more importantly, the man is a germaphobe. He has said in interviews that the reason he goes to fast-food restaurants are because he can see how clean the kitchen is and he can watch the staff make his food, and the reason he orders his steak well done is because he's afraid of food poisoning. I hear these sorts of stories (and the more illicit "pee tape" rumors, which if true indicate that he has eroticized the thing he's afraid of) and I see a sad man who is a prisoner of his mild mental illness. Given how often he is either celebrated or vilified as a larger-than-life hero or villain, I appreciate these little facts reminding me that he's still human.

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