Anna Gregoline | March 1, 2005
For you Chicago-area people, this story:


is happening less than a block from my house. I saw all the police tape and cars and detective vans and news stations out there this morning. Freaky.

Jackie Mason | March 1, 2005
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | March 1, 2005
I absolutely agree - what someone at work here was saying also seems to at least anecdotely ring true - South Side crime is gangs and shooting and whatnot, but North Side crime is Weird. Serial rapists, strange people on the street, strings of murders, now this (possible) contract hit.

Jackie Mason | March 2, 2005
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | March 2, 2005
It's so bizarre to walk out to the corner, read the current headline about the murders, and look down Foster and see the actual crime area. I'm having all this disassociation from it.

John E Gunter | March 2, 2005
This happened about 5 years ago, we were returning from a trip one night fairly late and when we neared our home, the police had the street blocked off. We were told to go wait in a nearby gas station lot.

We later found out that a man was threatening suicide in a van out in front of our house.

When I was around 10, some neighbor boys broke into our house and stole/vandalized the house.

When I was 16 or 17, some guy walking down the alley broke out a window in my grandmother's apt to try and steal a jar that had pennies in it.

When I was around 20, another neighbor kid broke into my parent’s house while they were on vacation and stole some coins my father had. They found my fathers revolvers, but left them sitting out on the bed. I guess they decided that it was better not to steal them.

My point? Well, every one of those incidents happened in nice typical middle class neighborhoods, in middle sized city, St. Petersburg. The city is much bigger now, but still, you would think it was rather surprising to have someone do something like that in a nice quiet neighborhood.

It just goes to show you that no matter where you live and how safe you feel, sometimes, something will happen that makes you realize that you are vulnerable. I think the best thing to do is just keep an eye out for trouble. Don't go looking for it, but remember to always be aware of what's around you and what you are doing.


Kris Weberg | March 3, 2005
In the last week:

Saw a police chase go down my street. Guy is followed by cop. Guy pulls over. Cops stops behind him. Guy peels out with cop in close pursuit.

Unknown activity next door. Walked outside, saw a running police car on the front lawn of the house I rent in.

This morning. Police cars and fire engines barricading a one-block radius right next to campus. I live two blocks from campus. Guess I won't be moving my car anytime soon.

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