Scott Hardie | June 1, 2019
The 80th season of Celebrity Goo Game has a winner: Russ Wilhelm has pulled off his 10th victory in the game, tying Matthew for the most wins ever. Russ edged out Samir and Steve who came within 1000 points of him, and Stan, Matthew, Erik, Richard, and Chris who came within 2000 points of him. Well done again, Russ! You have never ceased to be amazing at this game! :-)

I look forward to a whole new season starting tomorrow.

Erik Bates | June 1, 2019
Well played, Russ!

This was a fun season. I look forward to the next one!

LaVonne Lemler | June 1, 2019
Congrats, Russ, on your 10th Victory! Awesome achievement for an awesome player!

Good luck to everyone next round --- always a fun time!!

Russ Wilhelm | June 2, 2019
Thanks all, it was an interesting round. Hope to have everyone back for the next.

Good luck to all.

Chris Lemler | June 2, 2019
Russ that was a job done. Congrats! And Good Luck this round.

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