Scott Hardie | January 7, 2019
The last goo of 2018 turned out to be quite difficult. And that's after I rewrote Steve's original clue, which was even more difficult. Samir, congrats on a hard-won solo solution! Steve, kudos on a wickedly clever goo; I never would have thought of such a thing. :-)

Samir Mehta | January 7, 2019
[hidden by author request]

LaVonne Lemler | January 7, 2019
Awesome solve, Samir! It was one tough goo for sure! Congrats on another solo! :-)

Scott Hardie | January 7, 2019
"If you don't give him the deed to your ranch, he's gonna throw you on the railroad tracks." I forget if Steve wrote it in the third-person or first-person point of view, but that was the clue.

It's really clever! But it's also really hard. I figured it was someone who performed the song, since there have been several. Of them, I guessed Ray Stevens, who, being a comedian, I thought might be closest to Steve's heart. (Not that the original artist, the Coasters, were terribly serious.) The category was Fads, but Stevens was a novelty artist who scored a few hits, so I thought maybe he might qualify.

Alas, the right answer was more obscure. Figuring out mustache from the clue was tough, but I didn't see any connection from there specifically to the tattoo trend of the "fingerstache" (as opposed to other mustache-related fads), so I added the detail about "raising a digit" which I thought might throw off some players who assumed it meant arithmetic, and I added the word artist. It's still a really, really hard goo with those hints, but at least there was a way to make the connections necessary to solve it.

Just to be clear: I really don't like rewriting players' clues. Steve wanted to make the goo that he made, and I don't feel like it's my place to revise his work, or that I know any better than him what's best for that goo. I would much prefer to publish his version unaltered. But players have been very clear in the past that they don't like certain kinds of unsolvable goos, so I made this policy and I will continue to adhere to it.

I should also mention that Steve submitted the goo a while ago, back in the summer of 2017. It hasn't run until now due to my disorganization, and I'm sorry for that. The delay had nothing to do with the goo itself. Steve was still playing the game when this was submitted, I believe. He has a few more pending from that time period that should publish soon.

Steve, any comments? I hope I have been fair in all of this.

Erik Bates | January 7, 2019
That was definitely a tough goo, and I think the play on words was great. I wasn't thinking math. I was actually looking into temperature first, and then I started down the "finger" path. My Google search history became a variation of the words "finger" "trend" "train" "challenge", etc. (I thought that being a fad, it might be one of the obnoxious "challenges" that the kids are into these days.)

Steve West | January 8, 2019
My intent was to invoke images of a "Snidely Whiplash" type of character - twirling his moustache, specifically.

Scott Hardie | February 23, 2019
I can't believe it's been 21 years already. That Celebrity Goo Game is able to celebrate such an anniversary today is thanks to all of you who keep it going. I'm grateful for your support.

And that's especially true for this year's Hall of Famer, who has been supporting the game and the whole web site for a long time without due appreciation. Please join me in congratulating him on a well deserved honor.

Erik Bates | February 23, 2019
The goo game is old enough to drink!

Scott Hardie | February 23, 2019
Ha! I once did a four-part theme about celebrities named for drinks (1, 2, 3, 4). Maybe I should have saved it for the game turning 21. :-)

LaVonne Lemler | February 23, 2019
Erik, congratulations on your Hall of Fame recognition! So happy to hear this news! Scott couldn't have said it any're an awesome player and person, and very deserving of the honor! Glad you're on the Funeratic team!

Chris Lemler | February 23, 2019
Congrats on the HOF it is well deserved. Your an outstanding player and glad you can join elite players.

Erik Bates | March 15, 2019
Thanks all. :)

I realize that this thank you is a month late in coming.

I have been a member of this site for longer than any other site or community that I've associated with.

How crazy is that!?

You guys are all great. Our numbers aren't what they used to be, but to the dedicated few... you guys rock.

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