I had a flat tire this morning and it momentarily bummed me out. I ran over a bolt and could see it sticking out of the damned thing. I really didn't feel like crawling around on the oily pavement in my work clothes, so I called roadside assistance provided by my insurance carrier. It made me reminisce about GooCon I, during which we tag-teamed Scott's flat tire. However, I refused to wrestle with that oily sumbitch (that's what she said) and was content to wait for the tow guy. An hour later he showed up and offered to plug the tire off the books for $20.00. It sounded like a good deal to me vs. a new tire but he couldn't take a debit/credit card - only check or cash. I don't carry cash anymore so I was SOL. He put the donut on and I made an appointment with the tire place, made my calls to work, and decided to take the rest of the day off work.

On the way to the tire place, I was listening to the cheap-ass GPS unit I have. It doesn't give exact turn directions. Only "Warm...warmer...HOT...now you're cold again" type directions. I gotta get an upgrade.

One Reply to Art Imitates Life

Scott Hardie | March 28, 2010
I've been paranoid about flat tires every since that one at GooCon and another two weeks later. I keep imagining that I hear the telltale thumping. We had better luck the second year and I hope it keeps up.

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