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Two Replies to Beam me Up

Steve West | December 9, 2019
That's a beautiful ceremony and commemoration. Hold him in your heart until you can hold him in Heaven. My devastation cannot compare to yours and I know you will grieve until you are reunited. Although the pain you feel is unimaginable, it will strengthen you. You can exist in two places - here and wherever your baby is. Even gentle words don't always bring comfort but know this, your child will be yours forever.

Scott Hardie | December 9, 2019
Erik, thank you for being a part of this community too. This site's gotten me through a lot over the years too.

I haven't said much about the loss of your son for a few reasons: It's tough to know what to say, I don't necessarily feel like it's my place to comment, I want to be a distraction from the subject if that helps you, I haven't known the same grief. But I know that I can speak for Kelly when I say that you and Pam have been very much on our minds and in our hearts since then. You are loved and cared about, and I hope that provides any degree of comfort at all.