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Five Replies to Christmas Cards

Steve West | December 8, 2008
I do send them out.
Store bought.
Personal note to each person (sometimes very short, though).
All cards are at least semi-religious like Have a Blessed Holiday or Remember the Reason for the Season. But definitely no Happy Holidays. That's just a personal choice, it doesn't disturb me to receive cards like that.

Scott Hardie | December 8, 2008
I was thinking of making an online Christmas card this year, with a personal touch for certain people. My instinct tells me that's tackier than sending a card, but it's a lot of work. I rarely send paper cards, but I enjoy receiving them.

Tony Peters | December 8, 2008
I have usually done cards from a photo of one of my animals and some appropriate holiday text

Jackie Mason | December 11, 2008
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Jackie Mason | December 13, 2008
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