Some days are so bad, you feel like you've been the only driver in a demolition derby without a car.

Four Replies to Crash

Amy Austin | November 2, 2007
Is this totally metaphorical, Scott, or did you really wreck your car???

Amy Austin | November 2, 2007
Never mind, I just reread it and think I already have my answer.

And since I feel like I've been "driving" in the same derby (Flintstone-style) for... well... a couple of years now, believe me when I say, "I feel your pain..." ;-)

Jackie Mason | November 7, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | November 8, 2007
Work stuff. The job's fine; some days are just overwhelming.

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A Fib

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Happy Holidays

In case you wonder why it takes me so long to answer your message: I'm signing off for a week and a half while Kelly visits. Parties, shopping, museums, bowling, movies, lots of restaurants, and a few days at Disney World lie ahead. Have a wonderful holiday week. Go »

Breaking Monopoly

My latest pastime has been seeing if I can rig a video game of Monopoly to give me infinite money. It turns out that I can, but it's incredibly tedious, far more so than I thought. I like to play with the NES version, because it's just colorful and fun enough without being too sophisticated in its AI. Go »


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It's a Small World

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