Some days are so bad, you feel like you've been the only driver in a demolition derby without a car.

Four Replies to Crash

Amy Austin | November 2, 2007
Is this totally metaphorical, Scott, or did you really wreck your car???

Amy Austin | November 2, 2007
Never mind, I just reread it and think I already have my answer.

And since I feel like I've been "driving" in the same derby (Flintstone-style) for... well... a couple of years now, believe me when I say, "I feel your pain..." ;-)

Jackie Mason | November 7, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | November 8, 2007
Work stuff. The job's fine; some days are just overwhelming.

Logical Operator

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It's a Small World

Somehow "small" doesn't do Earth justice. (link) Go »


I don't know what Polaroids he has of whom, but somehow Tom Skilling has elevated himself to some kind of all-important weather-broadcasting god. When I grew up in Chicago, I watched him gradually get a bigger and bigger budget for his animated graphics, and gradually get a larger and larger timeframe to deliver his dull reports. By the time I left town, he had a whole 20 minutes of the hour-long midday newscast for the fucking weather, and boy did he find trivia to fill it: Average dew points across Cook County on this day in 1854, theta-e temperature predictions for every Cubs home game next season, you name it. Go »

Week from Hell

It's my first week as manager, but there's no time for a honeymoon. On Monday, I got zero sleep the night before, and ran on fumes the whole day. Tuesday was spent almost entirely managing a single project and letting other fires burn. Go »

More Hypocrisy

Well, now that I've written at length on TC about how I consider online videos an unpleasant medium, this is the perfect time to share some! This year's Lazy Sunday might be this SNL bit with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samburg. NSFW. Go »

Red Carpet Saturday

Some friends of ours recently made a short film (they're officially in IMDb) that got into the Sarasota Film Festival, so Kelly and I had to check it out. It screened with eight other short family-friendly films on a Saturday morning, and there was good turnout for the two locally-made titles in the set. I enjoyed our friends' comedy and laughed along with everyone else, and I was impressed by several of the other movies too. Go »

Modern Music

Sadness is not when one of your favorite bands (Smashing Pumpkins) puts out their final album in MP3 format only and you miss it because you don't want to get into file-sharing. Sadness is five years later, when you happily stumble across a website with the entire thing available for download and you finally learn how heinous and unpublishable the album was all along. Go »