The soap says Cambria & Taylor.
"Is that trilobite soap?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Wait, I'm sorry. Maybe trilobites were Pre-Cambrian."
"...You are such a nerd."

Six Replies to Fossil

Amy Austin | January 2, 2010

Steve West | January 2, 2010
That's funny. In high school art class, I made a clay sculpture of that Cambrian rascal and entitled it "Trilobite Me".

Amy Austin | January 2, 2010
Is that really true, Steve? Either way, I will cry... ;-DDD

Steve West | January 2, 2010
Sad, sad, sad but true. I could cry, myself. Sometimes I say stuff on this site not because I'm proud of what I did but more like I'm admitting what I did. This is one of those times.

Amy Austin | January 2, 2010
LOL... the crying will only be from tears of hilarity.

Scott Hardie | January 3, 2010
If it makes me more of a nerd, I had to correct my spelling of "trilobyte" after the company that made The 7th Guest. (The 11th Hour never got the mad love it deserved.)

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Lars and the Ripoff

I'm sure that Lars and the Real Girl is a good movie and that Ryan Gosling is Oscar-worthy, yadda yadda. But will the bloggers out there spreading the word please stop acting like it's such an original premise to have an adult treat a life-size doll like a real person? In the past few years alone, I've watched indie movies May and Love Object cover the same ground, with Dummy skirting closeby, and those are only a few examples; plenty more exist through the years. Go »

Illinois, October 2012

Our road trip to see friends and family in Illinois was well worth it. The drive both ways was pleasant. I indulged in junk food like a man taking a break from six months of dieting (since my post-Atkins diet started in June, I've lost 50 pounds). Go »

Andy Dick Killed Phil Hartman?

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Signs of Summer

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Continuing in my tradition of discussing pop culture 5-to-10 years after its shelf life: Once upon a time, I was an enormous fan of ER. From the time I started watching early in season one, I didn't miss a single first-run broadcast until I finally stopped watching late in season five. I learned the medical jargon; I memorized every minor character's name; I speculated about and debated the future plotlines endlessly. Go »