Another collection of dumb criminals/lawsuits. Over-salted burger; anger management irony; the writing is on the wall dope; porn = pain; and finally, from the "What Did They Expect?" department, Unwanted donation .

Two Replies to Dumb Criminals And Other Court Type Stuff Part 2

Amy Austin | October 9, 2007
That salty burger one is a straight-up fucked up example of abuse of power! They "said [sic] samples of the burger to the state crime lab for tests"?!?!?! Come ON!!! And since this is *Georgia*... I can't help but also look at the names and wonder who is black or white -- potentially a racial abuse of power on top of it all. And why the hell should *she* be jailed, if her management knew of the salt accident and allowed it to be used anyway??? This one just pisses me off on too many levels!!!

Amy Austin | October 9, 2007
"Anger managment", on the other hand, makes me laugh: "'Clearly he has issues,' Gibbons said."

Yeah. I guess he didn't feel pretty. ;-D

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