Thanks to a friend who couldn't use them, I scored They Might Be Giants tickets to replace the broken Valentines gift that I originally bought for Kelly. We took in the show last night with two other friends who happened to be going, Nathan and Raquel, and it was a great time. Most of my concerts have been metal, so I'm used to screaming and head-banging, and I didn't exactly know how to get into the music, especially since I was the least familiar with the TMBG catalog. But I expected a tame show and the band surprised me by being really energetic and crazy, and really getting the audience riled up. This was a rocking and rollicking show. It was also the first show of their new tour, so we got to hear a few songs played live for the first time. I couldn't tell the kids songs from the adult songs, or the covers from the originals, without being told, which I guess is a compliment to how well they own their aesthetic. I could have done without my least favorite part of any concert, going through the motions of cheering for two encores as if they weren't part of the show, but all three "endings" were big productions that I was glad to see. It's been twenty years since I considered myself a TMBG fan, but today I am a fan all over again.

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Steve Dunn | February 28, 2010
YES! I have tickets to their show in Charlotte in a couple weeks, so I'm glad to hear it's a good one.

Amy Austin | February 28, 2010
Glad to hear they haven't "mellowed" in their older age... lol... 'cuz I'm seeing 'em in Orlando tomorrow! (And I'm a little jealous about not having seen them last in Tampa night, but still psyched nonetheless...)

In fact, I did get to see a show twenty years ago right here at UF's Reitz Union Ballroom -- up close and personal! Don't know if UF is still procuring anybody so awesome these days (some other shows I saw here (for free!) in the early 90s include Concrete Blonde, The Smithereens and Midnight Oil -- all fantastic!!!), but it's pretty hard to top TMBG, in my opinion. Might be hard to imagine rockin' out to a tuba and an accordion, but if this show is anything like the one I saw in 1990, then I could have told you to expect some crazy high energy and an awesome performance!!!


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A friend (new GOO devotee Aaron Weiss) once said he had read about a psychological study that found people don't feel like they've had a weekend if they didn't have free time on Friday night. That was my experience this weekend: At the office till eight, then sitting down with pizza and a DVD only to nod off on the couch by nine thirty. I may have woken up refreshed on Saturday morning, but there was this crushing feeling that the weekend was almost over, that sort of numbing dread you feel every Sunday night an hour before bed. Go »

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You know what company makes my favorite commercials? Oral-B. (link) (link) The camera careens inside the "Oral-B Institute," where a legion of white-coated scientists look sternly at interactive hologram displays and lasers carve out futuristic technology inside reactor chambers. Go »

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I don't know what Polaroids he has of whom, but somehow Tom Skilling has elevated himself to some kind of all-important weather-broadcasting god. When I grew up in Chicago, I watched him gradually get a bigger and bigger budget for his animated graphics, and gradually get a larger and larger timeframe to deliver his dull reports. By the time I left town, he had a whole 20 minutes of the hour-long midday newscast for the fucking weather, and boy did he find trivia to fill it: Average dew points across Cook County on this day in 1854, theta-e temperature predictions for every Cubs home game next season, you name it. Go »


The 20th Century Fox sequel "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" debuted as the No. 1 weekend flick with $57.4 million in sales, slightly surpassing the $56.1 Go »

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Highlights from my last two weeks, in no particular order: - Miah Poisson, his fiancĂ©e Ines, and her friend Denise have always wanted to see The X Files, and it just so happens I have the complete series on DVD. We've started getting together every Monday night to watch a couple of episodes and eat sandwiches. I'm taking the opportunity to do something I wanted to do the first time I watched the series, which is keep a kill-count. Go »

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