Things I would rather have done than work until 2am on a Sunday:

- Fix the Obsessions page.
- Fix the sidebar on my blog.
- Review Spider-Man 3.
- Review a bunch of other movies.
- Blog about new friends.
- Get Death Proof off the homepage.
- Blog about this weird murder case I heard about.
- Write a less hostile follow-up comment in the "Gay Marriage" discussion.
- Prepare for my NASCAR trip with Steve Dunn.
- Blog about this weird medical condition I read about.
- Prepare the 1000th goo and several to follow.

I'm not saying I could have done them all, but at least one or two would have been nice.


Three Replies to I Miss My Site

Anna Gregoline | May 8, 2007
I miss Scott!

Scott Hardie | May 10, 2007
Thanks for the support. :-)

Wow, it's quiet around here...

Scott Hardie | May 11, 2007
Obsessions is fixed (finally).

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I saw a trailer for a new Free Willy movie coming out soon, starring Bindi Irwin. They're going to cash in on that kid for as long as they can, before she breaks down and can't be Miss Junior Croc Hunter and more. Maybe working in the same career that killed her dad is good for her psyche; who am I to be skeptical? Go »

Meow Mix

Thanks Evgeni: Cat Music. Go »


Gross is dreaming about eating a bagel slathered with rich cream cheese, then waking up and realizing that "taste" is the bacterial film in your mouth. Go »


What a great year. Kelly and I got engaged. Kelly gained permanent employment and health benefits. Go »

Gingerbread Office

I don't often join in Kelly's craft projects, and it's even rarer for her to join in one of mine. But that's what happened last week when my company held a gingerbread house contest, and Kelly pitched in to help the team that I signed up for. We decided to make a "north pole branch" of our Sarasota office. Go »

The Revised Revised Revised Story

Last spring, This Modern World ran a great parody charting the decline of civil liberties in recent years, after the then-shocking revelation that the government was building a database of every call made in the country: (link) I was reminded of that over the weekend as the latest shocking revelation came out, that the FBI has vastly abused its new ability to request confidential information in the interest of national security (link), almost as if it was the next panel in the strip. Except I'm not laughing. Oh, what I'd have given to be the reporter at Alberto Gonzales's press conference this morning. Go »