Things I would rather have done than work until 2am on a Sunday:

- Fix the Obsessions page.
- Fix the sidebar on my blog.
- Review Spider-Man 3.
- Review a bunch of other movies.
- Blog about new friends.
- Get Death Proof off the homepage.
- Blog about this weird murder case I heard about.
- Write a less hostile follow-up comment in the "Gay Marriage" discussion.
- Prepare for my NASCAR trip with Steve Dunn.
- Blog about this weird medical condition I read about.
- Prepare the 1000th goo and several to follow.

I'm not saying I could have done them all, but at least one or two would have been nice.


Three Replies to I Miss My Site

Anna Gregoline | May 8, 2007
I miss Scott!

Scott Hardie | May 10, 2007
Thanks for the support. :-)

Wow, it's quiet around here...

Scott Hardie | May 11, 2007
Obsessions is fixed (finally).

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