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Eleven Replies to Random Pet Peeve: Pronunciation

Aaron Shurtleff | October 26, 2007
Geez! It's not that big of a deal! Don't go all nuclear (that's NOO-coo-lur) about it! :)

Seriously, that is a big annoyance for me as well sometimes! It's sometimes a cultural thing, too though. This is horribly boring, but my major professor in undergraduate university was from England, so I learned how to pronounce the names of a lot of chemicals from him, and people laugh at me all the time, because, apparently, I pronounce everything in the British manner. :)

Lori Lancaster | October 26, 2007
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Amy Austin | October 26, 2007
I honestly *never* hear anyone say "tor-til-las" unless they are just being total jokers (asses). But I did laugh my ass off when Napoleon Dynamite's grandma told him to go fix himself some "kay-sa-dil-las" in what appeared to be all seriousness... ;-)

Jackie Mason | October 26, 2007
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Lori Lancaster | October 26, 2007
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Kelly Lee | October 26, 2007
Ahh I remember the Justo joke...Ah, white suburban middle class St. Charles.

i once had a kid at one of my schools whose name was Zeus. He was hispanic, and he was also very very...well not on the bright scale. I spent two years trying to teach him the difference in coins..but I digress. The point is, everyone called him Zeus. I thought his name would be naturally, Jesus. He argued that it was Zeus. I thought he had really bad memory, or since everyone said "Hey, Zeus" to him....he just thought his name was Zeus.

So I went to his records, and found his birth certificate.

HIs name was Zeus.

I don't remember the point of me telling you that.

Lori Lancaster | October 26, 2007
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Scott Hardie | October 27, 2007
I don't know about that, but "Porter Rico" bugs me to no end. How hard to say is "Puerto"?

For what it's worth, Wikpedia's Chipotle article acknowledges both Jackie and Lori's pronounciations in the Etymology paragraph at the bottom: (link)

Jackie Mason | October 27, 2007
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Steve West | October 28, 2007
Actually, in the corner of Latvia, where I was raised, Steve is pronounced "Farfumhagen".

Scott Hardie | October 28, 2007
Jorge goes both ways, depending on the person. I knew a Caucasian man with that spelling who pronounced it George. :-\