Returning to Atlantis to prevent his unscrupulous half brother from taking over the underwater kingdom, Aquaman uses every superpower he possesses to fulfill his destiny as the hero and savior of his people.

Evie Totty: “It was ok.”

Ok so - this IS an improvement on:

DCU (with WW still being the best)
Aquaman's origin story
Likeable character

BUT - there was NO chemistry between Mamoa and Heard. I was shocked when they kissed because it seemed to come from nowhere. And I cannot believe I'm about to say this (because I go to the movies JUST to see the SFX sometimes): there was too much CGI. And I really didn't care about anyone.

I did like the James Wan flavor in the movie (especially when they got to the Trench) though. Do I want my money back? Nah. But I am glad that I didn't actually pay to see it twice (thank you A List subscription from AMC)

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