Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

If you thought Avengers: Age of Ultron was overstuffed with too many characters and subplots and setups for future MCU movies, you should brace yourself before this film, which gorges itself on all of the above. The main benefit to this approach is a fantastic all-hands battle scene in the middle of the film, full of laughs and surprises as characters from different franchises play off of one another, but the rest of the movie would have been better without so much narrative clutter; it races through turning points in characters' lives with the attention span of a hummingbird. Still, it manages to be entertaining throughout, even while maintaining a necessary grimness, and its ability to stay deft despite its scale bodes well for Marvel's continued growth. As always, Marvel leaves me looking forward to more.

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Evie Totty: “It ruled.”

I saw this movie 4 times in the theaters. Ok so 3 of them was so I could get the posters they offered by going every week... but I didn't mind - I loved the movie.

I think it's the best movie so far in the MCU. Somehow they managed to have all those characters in there and make a cohesive story. I had to go 'NO WAY' a couple times *coughWarMachinePlummetcough* but otherwise it was a very well made film. Dialogue was good, arguments for both sides good.

I loved the introductions of both Black Panther and Spiderman (thank you Marvel for sparing us the whole backstory we've seen ad nauseum - preesh!) and the way Ant-Man fangirled over Cap was so cute.

Oh and the 'can you move your seat up' 'nope' was great! And the Volkswagon. And. And. And....

− August 9, 2016 • more by Evielog in or create an account to reply

Scott Hardie: Yes! I have fonder memories of this the farther away I get from it. Marvel's commitment to quality control is really paying off as their universe grows bigger and bigger. − August 12, 2016 • more by Scott

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Erik Bates: “It was ok.”

I may be getting overwhelmed or burnt out on comic book movies. They can't hold my attention like they used to.

I think I nodded off somewhere in the middle of this one and woke up to an epic battle.

− December 12, 2016 • more by Eriklog in or create an account to reply

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