Keanu is no ordinary cat, but is the feline worth dying for? That's the question two buddies find themselves pondering when they masquerade as drug dealers to infiltrate the criminal gang who snatched their kitty.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

I'm not familiar with Key & Peele's well regarded TV show, but maybe I should check it out. I enjoyed this little spoof of gangsta movies, especially its unhurried looseness. Key & Peele have a quality-over-quantity approach that I wasn't expecting; lately I've been watching shows like Parks & Recreation and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that cram as many jokes as possible into every minute of air time, but this movie relaxes with the comedy and doesn't mind going consecutive minutes without a joke if the ones that it does make are great. The lead characters are appealing if ill-defined, and the supporting cast is great at selling their caricatured roles. And of course the kitten is adorable or the movie wouldn't have worked. Even if it didn't fully live up to the hilarious trailer, it was still a pleasure.

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