Erik Bates: “It sucked.”

For a movie set in Puerto Rico, I expected there to be more than just a few passing lines in Spanish, or practically zero Hispanic accents. A throw away line at the beginning that “Puerto Rico is home to 3.5 million Americans” must have been written to try to justify almost every single character speaking like they were from the Midwestern US.

Also, the movie was horrible. Character decisions made no sense. There was a completely unbelievable concept of a panther or something that didn’t like cops? I guess they couldn’t figure out an actual plausible way to kill the bad guy?

Everyone was a horrible shot, until they needed to be a good one.

Actual dialogue:
“What are you, a doctor?”
“No, I just like wearing pajamas all the time.”

Because nobody other than doctors wear scrubs. And, little known fact, scrubs are the only thing doctors wear. Ever.

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Scott Hardie: Mel Gibson has (deservedly) been persona non grata in Hollywood for so long that I thought that was his doppelganger in the trailer at first. I guess he still holds a certain hoi polloi appeal despite making several offensive faux pas? I don't know, but it sounds like I just used more foreign phrases than this entire movie. − November 21, 2023 • more by Scott

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