Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
This high-energy sequel chronicles the further adventures of the Guardians as they join forces with a new set of allies and help Peter Quill unearth the truth about his mysterious origins.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

Here's exactly what we expect, another fun romp through Marvel's cosmic weirdness. The only thing that the original had over this sequel is novelty; by now, we're primed for clever irreverence, as even the characters make fun of how ridiculous this stuff is. I liked the humor, the action, the drama, the in-jokes, and most of all the sense of personality, a quality too often lacking in today's heroic fantasies. I do wish that the trailers hadn't spoiled some of the better scenes, but I can't really complain about a movie that had me laughing so much. I already look forward to more fun with these characters in the inevitable Vol. 3.

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Evie Totty: “It ruled.”

Ok so I was one of the 12 people on Earth who didn't think that GotG vol 1 wasn't the bees knees. BUT I did enjoy it.

I went to the Double Feature last week (4 May) and saw it again and realized - I had seen it 3 mos after my mom died. I don't think I liked much of anything that year. Plus - his mom died in the first 10m of the film.

That said, I very much enjoyed the re-watch.

Now Vol. 2 I loved. From the dialog to the special effects to the soundtrack to the underlying story, it was great. The opening scene about Baby Groot was a delight. I 'bout died when Rocket came and made him spit out that bug.

By the end I was crying. It has such a wonderful story about family - both blood and chosen. I would like to see it again for sure.

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