In 17th-century Japan, the Tokugawa shogunate is determined to rid the country of Western influences, starting with the Catholic Church. When two Jesuit priests from Portugal arrive looking for their mentor, they face persecution and violence.

Erik Bates: “It ruled.”

I watched this movie knowing next to nothing about feudal Japan and the religious persecution that took place. I also watched this movie knowing next to nothing about the plot. All that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and learned a great deal from it.

My only real complaint is the accents that Garfield, Driver, and Neeson had to put on, seeing as how they were supposed to be Portuguese priests.

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Scott Hardie: I wouldn't normally be interested in seeing this, despite the acclaim, but the fact that Martin Scorsese directed it does pique my curiosity a little. I have no doubt that he was committed to the project, but it still seems like a minor work of his. Even Hugo, which was a huge departure for him, seems like a more notable Scorsese film. − July 8, 2017 • more by Scott

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