With five loyal friends in tow, explorer Thor Heyerdal sails a fragile balsa wood raft along an ancient path some 4,300 miles across the Pacific. Along the way, they're attacked by tidal waves, sharks and all the dangers the ocean can muster.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

I almost didn't bother to see this, figuring that it could not improve upon the immediacy and authenticity of Thor Heyerdahl's own documentary. I was as wrong as Heyerdahl's doubters! With awe-inspiring shots of the ocean enhanced with CGI (think Life of Pi), the film turns an already amazing true story into a grand survival epic that's worthy of the national pride that Heyerdahl inspires in Norway. Even knowing already what happened, I was still terrified during the shark scene, a bracing action sequence that rivals Hollywood's best. This is an outstanding adventure film.

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