Evie Totty: “It ruled.”

Aubrey Plaza is a national treasure. She's killing it in Legion.

This movie is about a girl who gets over-involved in the people she follows online.

It starts out with her attacking someone at a wedding and then being committed to a mental health institution.

Once she gets out ... you figure out what led to that moment.

Because she finds herself doing it again. Stalking another person she follows online. And going too far.

As a person who spent her formative years with no friends (other than her immediate neighbors) - I actually rooted for Ingrid. I hoped that even though she was doing what she was doing... that she had gotten better.

I was so sad when she was found out. I was even sadder when she snapped.

I am concerned that this film might romanticize suicide - since she got the adoration she so desperately wanted after an attempt - but all in all a great film.

Oh and Ice Cube's son is in this. So adorable. And Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's son. Basically a blonde Kurt Russell.

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