John Wick: Chapter 2
Although veteran hit man John Wick has retired for the second time, he finds himself called back into action and heading to Rome to take down an international cabal of professional assassins.

Evie Totty: “It was ok.”

According to Rotten Tomatoes, I'm in the minority on this one. Scoring a 90% overall (80% with Top Critics though) I found it lacking.

You see John Wick was successful ... I'm trying to find the right words here... It was successful because:

John Wick was a badass
He loved his wife - a lot
His use of his badassery in the movie was because of the murder of.... a puppy

However in JW2, none of the heartstrings were pulled. He came back out of retirement - again - because a favor was called in. And a double-cross occurred and there was an even higher body count and Wick was even more impressive.

Thing is, JW1 for me worked because of the heartstrings that were pulled. Normally I'd have loved the film because of the sheer ballet of Wick when he's doing his thing. But they threw the puppy in.

So I expected more than just a high body count (and revenge) in JW2... and the choice he made at the end was so bad. I was just pissed off.

Sure, go see it. But it's not a go see again in the theater like JW1 was.

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