The Big Sick
After meeting at a stand-up comedy show, funnyman Kumail and graduate student Emily embark on a romance. But as the expectations of his strict Muslim family create conflict between the couple, their relationship begins to crumble.

Samir Mehta: “It ruled.”

Liked this movie a ton - Kumail Nanjiani is not an actor I normally like, but his "life story" film is enthralling, relatable, and hilarious. Grounded in his life, this is a comedy with a surprising amount of plot twists. And it has the best (only?) joke I've ever heard about September 11th.

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Evie Totty: “It ruled.”

I had heard buzz about this movie and waited for it to be in the theater.

And when it finally got near me - it was at the dollar theater! But I wasn't surprised really. I was in Alabama and those folks are heathens.

Regardless. I loved this movie. Firstly because it was a normal movie. No explosions, no damsel in distress, no evil superpower that's trying to destroy the world to overcome (I NEVER understand that. Why destroy the world? You lose TOO!).

Just a guy and a girl falling in love. The American way - some folks are still dealing cultural boundaries being first or second generation. (I was actually a victim of it myself - I wasn't Greek so a 5-year relationship ended).

It's so very heartwarming.

And turns out - it's based on the star's real life. He provides pictures during the credits of his real family.

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