In this tale of horror adapted from a Stephen King novel, children in a small Maine town begin vanishing. When a group of seven youngsters discovers that the culprit is an evil clown named Pennywise, they band together in an effort to destroy him.

Evie Totty: “It ruled.”

I thought it was going to be terrible. Clocking in at 1,138 pages it is King's longest novel except for the unabridged edition of The Stand (1,152). I was very skeptical of them doing this novel justice (it's my third favorite of all time).

I was pleasantly surprised to find out - it's only half the book. Or rather the children's portion of the book.

I saw it and loved it. It feels like a classic film. Like Stand By Me kind of kid's horror classic. Always an undercurrent of terror and when the scares happened. Oh lordy.

Skarsgard did a fantastic job as Pennywise. Tim would be proud.

Looking forward to the sequel.

− October 18, 2017 • more by Evielog in or create an account to reply

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Samir Mehta: “It was ok.”

It was a solid film with strong acting and characters. But somehow it exists in the shadow of Stranger Things and I was reminded of how thin some of the characters are. I'm also biased by having read and loved the book as a child - it is far superior to the TV version but not quite the adaptation I want.

− December 2, 2017 • more by Samirlog in or create an account to reply

Scott Hardie: Better than the TV version? I remember the TV version being pretty good, despite the limitations of its budget and special effects. Do I misremember? − December 8, 2017 • more by Scott

Evie Totty: Scott: It's been decades since I have seen the TV version but IT is my third favorite book of all time so that ending killed whatever goodness the rest of the mini-series had for me. I should watch it again but I agree with Samir at this point.

As far as it existing in the shadow of ST - sadly there is only so much character development you can do with a film as opposed to a 10 hour mini series (season 1). I do benefit from being a multiple reader of the book so I know the characters a bit more. − December 8, 2017 • more by Evie

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