Killing Gunther
Gunther is the world's top hired assassin, but many of his colleagues have tired of his arrogance and larcenous business tactics. They soon begin planning his termination, but Gunther proves to be a slipperier target than expected.

Matthew Preston: “It ruled.”

Tough toss-up between It ruled and It was ok, but I think it deserves the benefit of the doubt here. As long as you take it for what it's worth, a cleverly written spoof on documentaries (and hit-men I guess), you won't be disappointed. What would have made it even better would be if the trailers, Netflix, posters, etc. didn't ruin the reveal of who plays Gunther. It's an awesome moment that brings even more levity to an already pretty dark topic.

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Scott Hardie: Ooh, yeah, I can imagine the spoiler effect. I don't recall ever hearing of this movie before, but as soon as I looked it up, that cast member was immediately the very first thing I saw; his face and name were all over this. Too bad! Some major stars will have it in their contracts that their identity is to be kept out of all marketing as a surprise; if I remember correctly, that was true of Interstellar for the astronaut character who they found in hibernation on the distant planet. − August 7, 2020 • more by Scott

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