Erik Bates: “It sucked.”

This franchise is best left to the originals. This just felt like they were trying to ride a nostalgia wave for a cash grab. I think I actually fell asleep at one point. It just wasn't the comedic, sci-fi thrill that I remember the old movies being.

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Scott Hardie: I don't get a good vibe from this franchise at all. It feels like:

1) Sony accidentally scored a surprise hit with the first movie. It was a one-time fluke, but they didn't accept that and wanted more.

2) They cranked out a sequel right away that just repeated the first one. I strongly disliked it and so did most other people.

3) As soon as the actors could do it, they rushed a third film that started filming without even half a script. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't a hit either.

4) They made this "International" movie with a new cast, hoping to keep the franchise going, but it flopped, because nobody wanted this to exist.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld has gone on the record in numerous interviews with being frustrated by Sony's approach. On the original, expectations were low, so he had time to polish the material with rehearsals and improvisation. On the sequels, it's just been a would-be hit factory cranking out sequels as fast as possible, desperate for a repeat hit.

I can't see myself sitting down for any more of these unless there is a significant effort towards quality control. − December 10, 2019 • more by Scott

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Evie Totty: “It sucked.”

Hrm. Thought I had reviewed this here already. But yeah. So bad.

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