Red Dragon
This Silence of the Lambs prequel stars Edward Norton as former FBI agent Will Graham, who was once nearly killed by the savage Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter and now has no choice but to seek his help in tracking down a new serial killer.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

If you prefer to see a real film, rent 'Manhunter' by Michael Mann, the 1986 version of this film. It is soulful and stylistic, and its villain is not a clich├ęd cartoon. But to be honest, this version blows it away for sheer entertainment value. Anthony Hopkins is still riveting as the unblinking Lector; he's worth every penny he demands. Though this film is implausible in parts, it's rarely so indulgently ridiculous as 'Hannibal.' And it goes easy on the gore, action, and jump scenes in favor of atmosphere. Just because it was only made for profit doesn't mean it's cheap.

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