The Hangover: Part III
Capitalizing on the success of two previous Hangovers, Phil and the boys set out on another road trip and soon find their plans reduced to chaos. Before the dust settles, the gang will have to figure out how to rescue Alan from a mental hospital.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

Did anyone expect this lazy series to get better in its third and final installment? It goes out of its way not to repeat the plot of the first film the way that the second did, but what story it does have is borrowed from so many other movies that it doesn't qualify as original. The movie leans so heavily on Ken Jeong's obnoxiously hyper gangster that he's practically the main character. Zach Galifianakis's rude idiot becomes so cruelly sociopathic that he's like a flesh-and-blood Jerkass Homer. Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms barely register as present. I did laugh a few times and the movie left me in a good mood, but it's a lazy and cynical cash-in completely lacking the first film's energy and cleverness.

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