Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

There's a drinking game to be made just out of shots of Ben Affleck walking away from things. This is another of Terence Malick's near-wordless, near-plotless photo montages: Achingly beautiful, deeply felt, and barely explained. If you enjoy soaking in this kind of sensory experience and don't require a narrative, then you might like it (and find it as emotionally stirring) as much as I did, but criticism of the film is widespread and understandable, so your mileage may vary. Olga Kurylenko is astonishingly good, conveying a wide range of emotional nuances, and endlessly sympathetic even when her character is misbehaving; my heart broke for her in the sorrowful scenes and sang for her in the joyful scenes. This might be the first film in which the beauty of Paris is upstaged by Oklahoma.

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