The Running Man
In a postapocalyptic world, the government frames Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) for a bloody massacre. He's given the option of staying in jail for life or participating in a "gladiator"-type game show that usually leads to death. He opts for the show, teaming with other contestants to survive the game and overthrow the corrupt system. This sci-fi thriller costars Richard Dawson in a twisted send-up of his game-show-host persona.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

This is 80s-style action at some of its high-gloss, high-budget best. Arnold was finally starting to realize his potential for grounding ridiculous action sequences by being so ridiculous himself at the center, though he was forced yet again to play the wronged soldier out for revenge. Richard Dawson ate up a role that teased his reputation as a grade-A asshole off the television screen. Full of the peculiar plot holes that only a film like this can generate (how is the show still filming after the crew flees the set?), this one's a pleasure as timeless as Arnie's scowl.

I wonder, how come "Predator" gets to be the answer to that recurring trivia question about which 80s movie starred two future governors, when this film came out the same year?

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