John Shepherd spent 30 years trying to contact extraterrestrials by broadcasting music millions of miles into space. After giving up the search he makes a different connection here on Earth.

Genre: Documentary, Short, Biography, Romance, Sci-Fi

Director: Matthew Killip

Writer: N/A

Actors: John Shepherd, John Litrenta

Release Year: 2020

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Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

This short documentary on Netflix is only 16 minutes, but I was checking the clock after 5. It's about a guy who filled his house with radio transmitter equipment in the hopes of reaching aliens with a generic message of peace, and that half-sentence is about as deep as it gets. The movie does not mention John's obvious neurological differences or possible mental illness, nor does it get into how any of his equipment is supposed to accomplish its goal. (I have severe doubts that any of it is powerful enough to break through terrestrial noise). He seems like a nice guy, but this movie about him was either too short to be sufficiently interesting, or too long not to wear out its welcome.

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