In this Marvel Comics-inspired action flick, thunder god Thor finds himself banished by his father, Odin, and forced to live among humans on Earth to learn humility. Can Thor regain his powers and return home?

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

You can almost hear the bottom of the superhero barrel being scraped. This two-hour preview for The Avengers is not compelling and cuts away every time it starts to build momentum, but it does possess some charm and beautiful designs for Asgard.

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Scott Horowitz: I didn't hate it , but I didn't love it either... I had a hard time with Natalie Portman as an astrophysicist − May 27, 2011 • more by Scott

Scott Hardie: Me too. But as the Hollywood kind of "astrophysicist" who drives around the desert in a van, alternately typing nonsense into a laptop and staring urgently at the sky, she's perfect. − May 27, 2011 • more by Scott

Erik Bates: Hardie hit the nail on the head: Natalie Portman is perfect. :-) − May 29, 2011 • more by Erik

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